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  • What is the soccer and performance structure?
    Student-athletes arrive at 8:30am Monday through Friday. They remain with soccer and performance leaders until 11:30am daily. We follow a European-inspired curriculum that emphasizes outdoor soccer, indoor futsal, and physical literacy training. Film review, tactical analysis, yoga, journaling, recovery, nutrition, mental health, and leadership topics (i.e. "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens") are also integral to the performance curriculum. Training needs are highly customized and adapted weekly to meet each athletes unique load, periodization, and recovery needs. For example, it's not uncommon for a portion of our student-athletes to be watching film, rolling out, or catching up on academics after a tournament weekend while their peers train. The 3-hour daily performance plan includes 30 minutes of open time at the start of each day to promote socialization and culture building. We take 25 minutes for community lunch, at which all mobile devices are tucked away so we can foster life skills.
  • Who are the soccer and performance leaders?
    Our full-time technical staff for SY22-23 includes a USSF "B" License Candidate Boys Director and USSF "C" License Candidate Girls Director. Players also often learn from guest coaches with USSF certifications and a wealth of club, collegiate, international, and private coaching experience. Both full-time directors have extensive playing and childhood development experience, including with the USYS Olympic Development Program, NCAA programs, US Youth Futsal Development Academy, and Fortune 100 companies. We are also actively interviewing for a recently posted Technical Director role that we plan to fill with a USSF "A" License (or equivalent) coach. Our performance staff for SY22-23 includes a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with collegiate track and field coaching experience and a decade long commitment to continued education and advanced licensing. All technical and performance staff members are also required to obtain KidSafe certifications, which must be renewed annually.
  • What soccer and performance technology is integrated?
    All TSI student-athletes are provided a full license for the Techne Futbol mobile training application developed by former USWNT player (and current NWSL general manager) Yael Averbuch. All players are also set up with accounts in both Veo and Hudl for match film and statistical analysis. We regularly review film together and ask students to journal. Beginning in February 2022 we will also begin filming at least 1 match per semester for most students. Further, all TSI student-athletes are provided access to College Fit Finder and guidance on creating personal recruiting website for players pursuing post-secondary opportunities. our technical and performance staff offers guidance, assignments, and prompts to empower student research regarding their pathways following graduation. Finally, our athletes all have access to a premium Rogue equipment to enhance their physical literacy development. We are constantly expanding the performance "lab" and always welcome in-kind or supporting donations.
  • Are meals provided?
    Unfortunately not presently. Players need to be sent with a lunch each day. We also promote healthy habits such as snacking and hydrating throughout the day to keep our student-athletes properly fueled. Families should plan accordingly. We do have microwaves and a refrigerator on site for the student-athletes, as well as a locker room and player lobby. Foosball, ping pong, and a library of professional matches streaming on the big screen are common activities during social time. We'll occasionally provide breakfast or lunch when celebrating key milestones. We also plan to implement weekly meal delivery options in February 2022 (additional cost). Our long term vision is to provide all student-athletes a balanced diet with the help of local community leaders. We welcome inquiries if servant leaders or donors have an interest in assisting these initiatives.
  • What is the blended learning structure?
    Students begin their academic responsibilities at 11:30am. Our technical and performance staff seamless transitions all student-athletes to the classrooms immediately following our community lunch. Students are required to complete 4-hours of online learning with direct supervision from our instructional team. A college-educated classroom facilitator provides daily supervision and academic support until 3:30pm, at which time students are dismissed for parent pickup. Licensed educators with subject matter expertise in math, science, ELA, and social studies provide additional on-site support as needed. The TSI model offers all the benefits of self-paced, remote learning (i.e. efficiency, autonomy, and accelerated learning) without the most common frustrations (i.e. no classmates, lack of instructional support, and mental health risks).
  • Who are the instructional leaders?
    A college-educated academic facilitor remains on-site with TSI students during their 4-hour blended learning day. The facilitator is also available after school hours for tutoring and additional support as needed. TEA licensed instructors lead roughly 1-2 days of learning per week. They are also readily available to provide remote support as needed and are in constant communication with the facilitation team. Detailed graduation plans and academic guidance are provided by an experienced campus Principal who is guided by a seasoned Superintendent for the district.
  • Who are the academic administrators?
    TSI proudly partners with a highly differentiated educational provider. Our partner has led remote learning campuses - upon which the TSI model is built - for over a decade with great success. Our partner has a strong track record of empowering athletic leaders to graduate early, with college credits in most cases. Their core mission and visions is highly aligned with TSI's core values. TSI is fully supported by the same administrative leader that oversee the thriving (1,000+ student) campus in Central Texas. Learning for ALL student-athletes at the TSI campus adheres to all TEA and TEKS graduation and development standards.
  • What remote learning technology is integrated?
    All TSI students are provided a remote learning device at no cost. They also have in-person and remote access to our preferred educational platform. Student-athletes are welcome to take their laptops home nightly. They can also easily access assignments and all coursework from any network-connected device. Parents have access to a family portal to monitor their child's daily progress in all core subjects. The platform also provides automated updates and our educational leaders send weekly snapshots to measure progress and keep students on pace.
  • What grade levels does TSI serve?
    Enrollment is presently open for grades 6-12 for the 2021-2022 school year. We have cohorts at each of these grade levels and are experiencing rapid growth. In special circumstances, we are also able to support student-athletes in grades 4-5 through a pilot program launched in January 2022. Home-school students are able to participate in the morning soccer and performance training only. However, these spots are limited.
  • Is the school for both boys and girls?
    Yes! Our current student population is nearly a 50-50 split at the moment.
  • Is there a soccer proficiency requirement?
    There is not an explicit proficiency or player experience requirement for TSI. TSI has an open enrollment process that addresses all applicants on a first come, first served basis. However, it's worth noting the typical profile of our student population. Most TSI student-athletes compete in advanced environments, including: MLS Next, ECNL/RL, GA, National League Frontier Conference, and State Classic League. We also proudly serve youth academy and first-team practice players from Austin FC in addition to US Youth Futsal National Team members. While competing in these platforms is not a firm requirement, students most likely to thrive at TSI are those who are fanatical about soccer. The typical TSI student-athlete trains year round and commonly attended private training in their formative years. They are the type to regularly watch professional matches on television and never want to leave the pitch. The TSI community is full of young leaders who daydream about the "beautiful game" and crave a more efficient learning model. TSI empowers them to replace all the wasted time in a traditional school model with more time to do what they love the most.
  • Is there an academic proficiency requirement?
    There is not an explicit academic proficiency requirement for enrollment. However, student-athletes should be aware that with an abbreviated and more efficient school day, healthy learning habits and academic discipline are vital to their success in the TSI model. That said, the self-paced nature of the TSI model equips driven student-athletes with the tools to accelerate their learning and obtain advanced course credits early. Our top middle school students earn as many as 4-6 high credits (nearly their entire Freshman requirement) by the time they finish 8th grade. Likewise, disciplined high school students often complete college coursework by the time they graduate. All TSI students are also required to complete 8-hours or service work each year. Blended learning is not for everyone, but it can be a powerful platform for hard-working students who can "Be Proactive, "Begin with the End in Mind", and "Put First Things First".
  • Where are the TSI training facilities and classrooms?
    Parents can drop students at our performance center as early as 8:30am on school days. We begin each day in our 20,000 SF indoor futsal facility and performance lab, located at 15201 Burnet Rd. Bldg. D, Austin, TX 78728. We also commonly train at our outdoor 11v11, 9v9, and 7v7 pitches when weather permits. Student-athletes are given the chance to dress-out and change into cleats on these days. Classroom learning takes place in an adjacent structure at the same complex. Drive-line pickup occurs at this location every day starting at 3:30pm. Austin FC Youth Academy players should be dropped at Bldg. A on days they have morning training at the St. David's Performance Center (logistics will be communicated by Austin FC Academy GM). Remote learning often occurs at our performance center, but we consider that part of their training time. No logistical change is required; students complete this work in our player lobby. We currently strive to maintain a student to instructor ratio of no greater than 20:1. We typically expand to additional classrooms (at the same location) when our wait-list reaches ~15 students.
  • What are the tuition and fees?
    The classroom education and supplemental tutoring provided is TUITION-FREE since this is a public charter school venture. That said, we do ask all families to contribute a nominal fee to subsidize the soccer and performance experience. Total per player fees collected in SY21-22 was less than $2,000 per student. Total per player collections for SY22-23 are projected to be less than $5 per hour, which equates to a small fraction of what most local private trainers (or even an affordable babysitter) charge for their services. We also ask families to help support TSI fundraising activities and engage in the Parent Teach Organization (PTO) as time permits. We certainly welcome any other contributions the TSI community is able to help us attract.
  • Can we schedule a tour or shadow training?
    Absolutely! We conduct "Open Houses" on the 1st Thursday of each month. We do the same on most in-service days for traditional ISDs. Student-athletes are able to attend the entire 3-hour soccer and performance session, plus up to 1-hour of classroom learning. If prospective students are able to visit on a custom date, we can gladly accommodate in most cases assuming we are provided 10 days notice. TSI players quickly embrace visitors and we'll assign your child a personal host to ensure they have a great experience.
  • How do we enroll?
    The application and enrollment process is quick and simple. Parents start the process by submitting the Google Form linked in the "Enrollment" section of this website. TSI staff will send a PDF application within 1 business day of your inquiry. Our leadership team will then contact you within 2 business days of your application (if not sooner) to guide you through the transition. If families quickly provide all the necessary enrollment documentation (SSN, transcripts, and proof of address), students can begin attending TSI in as little as a few days.
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